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Curriculum Development

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Designing, developing and updating manuals are some of the most resource demanding tasks in maintaining compiance system that deliver operational and supportive excellence.

BCTCI has been offering services in the field of curriculum development to numerous organizations in the region.  Having professional and technical staff, BCTCI can develop training manuals, literacy manuals, enterprise development manuals, research and survey manuals, monitoring and evaluation manuals and etc.

Manual Review and Revisions: 

  • Content review to remove duplicated, conflicting or obsolete information 
  • The addition of important areas and removing all those which are deemed unnecessary, un-wanted and in-effective
  • Manual upgrades, updates and improvements are always important to have them prepared as per the demand of the up-to-date requirements of the organizational operations. 
  • The provision of standarized document templates and formats
  • Published hard copy manuals and amendments