Bangkok, Thailand
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Two Events in Singapore

30 April 2024


30 April 2024
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Administrative & Supervisory Enhancement Development Program

10 July 2023
July 30-August 03,2023 9:00- a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Daily) Bangkok, Thailand

First Service Delivery in Nepal

20 January 2023
BCTCI, as per its plan to expand its services out of Bangkok, Thailand; conducted its first ever training sessions in Kathmandu, Nepal. Two important training events were scheduled from April 24-29,2022 in Kathmandu.

Team Myanmar Joins Internal Control Course

20 January 2023
Team Myanmar joins course on Internal Control, Compliance, Financial, and Operational at Bangkok, Thailand. You are just one email away from us. Immediatly contact us: info@bctci.com 

Team Nepal Joins PPP Training, Istanbul

20 January 2023
Team from Nepal joined training on Public Private Partnership in Istanbul, Turkiye. As BCTCI is conducting training worldwide, this training was exclusively conducted in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Team Maldive Joins People Management Course

20 January 2023
BCTCI facilitates training on Leadership and People Management training in Bangkok, Thailand. The training was held on October 27,2022. Senior level participants joined the training from Maldives